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Join Creekside Connects!

Click here to watch the video to learn how to participate in Creekside Connects! Read more detailed information below!


We all know that social distancing is hard. Are your children missing their friends? Have they ever wanted a pen pal?  Do they love the thrill of real mail? Let’s keep Creekside connected with pen pals!  Katie Vick-Roy, mom of Hughes (4th) and Emily (1st) is coordinating the effort. If your child would like to participate, please email the following information to

  • name(s) and grade(s) of child(ren) participating
  • interests? (We will try to match, but learning new things from each other is always good, too.)
  • mailing address

Stamps can be bought online from,, or  If your children want to participate, but you cannot get or do not have supplies, please let Ms. Vick-Roy know and her crew of volunteers will get stamps/paper/envelopes to you. So let’s keep our Eagles connected (and practice some letter writing skills while they are at it).  Maybe our kids will even go back to school with an increased number of strong relationships! Again, this is completely optional and just for fun.