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The Board of Education and its staff recognize that field trips can be used as effective teaching experiences at all grade levels. To be productive, such activities must be well planned and supervised by the staff responsible. It is imperative that field trips taken during scheduled school hours be related to the instructional program. Toward this end, the Board of Education encourages the Superintendent to develop a systematic program of field trips across the grade levels.


3050.1 Field Trips During the School Day

School principals have the authority to approve or deny field trips during the school day. Principals shall evaluate all field trips based on educational needs, taking into consideration safety, instructional relevance, liability, and cost including costs for activity vehicles. In addition, the staff members are to provide every effort to ensure the personal safety of the students while participating in field trips. No student shall be deprived of participation in a field trip because of inability to pay; administrators will develop procedures to assure the implementation of this provision.


Any school trip which may include student participation on rides at amusement parks, state or local fairs, or at any other place, must have a written disclaimer from the parent/guardian acknowledging his or her awareness of the nature of the trip, allowing the child to ride, and absolving Durham Public Schools of any responsibility.


The Superintendent is authorized to set additional standards for field trips during the school day.


3050.2 Overnight Field Trips

The Board of Education does not approve of overnight trips for children in kindergarten through second grades. For other grades, each overnight trip must have the approval of the principal and the Superintendent or designee before parents/guardians and students are notified of the possible field trip.

The Board of Education shall be informed of all overnight trips.


3050.3 Non-School Sponsored Trips

Any instructional staff member who organizes or leads a trip for students that is not sponsored by the school system must clearly inform the parents/guardians that the trip is not school-sponsored and that the school system assumes no responsibility for any aspect of the trip.


3050.4 Administrative Oversight

The Superintendent is authorized to draft procedures and regulations to implement this policy, including regulations concerning supervision during field trips, safety, and emergencies.


Legal Reference: G.S.115C-36 
Adopted Effective: July 29, 1992 
Revised: November 22, 1993 
Revised Effective: July 1, 1999