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Club Boulevard Achieves National Magnet Certification

Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet is proud to announce that it has been recognized as a nationally certified magnet school. Nationally certified magnet schools provide high-quality, innovative educational options to families and students that promote choice, diversity and academic excellence. As a Nationally Certified Magnet School, Club Boulevard has demonstrated through evidence, reflection, and strategic action, that it has established the Standards of Excellence in their school and fulfilled a commitment to their community stakeholders.  

Magnet Schools of America (MSA), the national association of magnet and theme-based schools, created this national
certification process designed to recognize the most exemplary magnet schools in the nation and help them as they
continue to grow and provide high-quality, innovative curriculum and instructional programs that promote choice, equity,
diversity, and academic excellence for all students. The certification process is based on the five pillars of magnet schools
and the National Magnet School Standards of Excellence. These standards define the essential elements and characteristics
of high-quality magnet programs. Club Boulevard's certification status is valid through August of 2025.

Magnet Seal