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Backstage at Club

Club Boulevard Elementary and Club’s Parents of African American Children (PAAC) committee are excited to announce "Backstage at Club" - a series of visual and performing arts events that will bring the Humanities to life for the entire school community. 

Program Details

"Backstage at Club" is a 4-5 month Zoom series featuring NC-based performing and visual artists from a variety of mediums (dance, singing, drawing, music, etc.). Artists will come from diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on Black and Latinx representation. “Backstage at Club” provides an innovative opportunity for students and families to gain social-emotional support through engagement in the arts, promoting remote learning success while building an increased sense of community. Students and families will participate through attending scheduled programming, participating in workshops, and engaging in the program’s dedicated Canvas page. Timing for the presentations will be a mix of Wednesday mornings or evenings based on artist availability. 

Project Background

The move to 100% online learning due to the COVID-19 epidemic forced the DPS community to quickly pivot from traditional learning modes and develop innovative digital solutions to ensure student access to quality education. While we have succeeded in many ways, it is readily understood that important elements of the traditional learning experience have been difficult to transfer to the digital space. Core social-emotional learning experiences such as assemblies and community performances have been placed on hold, not only because these are traditionally in-person experiences, but because resources understandably currently focus on the immediate requirements for online academic learning. “Backstage at Club” attempts to help bridge this gap as a supplemental performance series open to the entire Club Blvd. community. 

“Backstage at Club” was made possible through funds from the Durham Public Schools Foundation. More information about the DPS Foundation can be found online at