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Magnet Information

Club Boulevard Humanities Elementary School is a magnet school with a Humanities theme that endeavors to help us learn what it means to be human and how to express our humanity. Our Vision is to be an intentionally diverse and inclusive community where we grow as human beings and our Mission is to appreciate many voices, celebrate the arts, connect learning to our world, and immerse ourselves in the humanities.

The majority of our students (85%) are admitted through the magnet lottery pool. These students can live anywhere in Durham County and can receive bus transportation to and from school. Normally school tours are offered in person on a regular schedule in the months of November, December, and January. Due to remote learning and Covid protocols, we are not offering in-person tours at this time. We will be offering zoom sessions to answer questions. Staff and current parents will be available to answer your questions and share our community. Please sign up for a zoom session using this link: All are welcome. It is not mandatory to register for a zoom Q&A, but we would love to know how many participants to expect. 

For more information about the lottery process, visit this page: