Githens Athletics

  • Athletic Director: Shlisa Stackhouse
    Phone: 919-560-3966 ext 66433



    Githens Middle School Athletic Department is committed to excellence which we recognize begins in the classroom. Through the athletic platform, we strive to promote academic excellence, positive character traits and leadership. In collaboration with our faculty, parents, Athletic Booster Club (ABC) and Athletic Advisory Committee (AAC), the Githens Middle School Athletic Department looks forward to continue to mold our student-athletes into leaders of tomorrow. We emphasize our goal of academic excellence through structured academic enrichment sessions, weekly progress reports and building personal relationship beyond the classroom walls. The mission of the GMSAD ultimately is to expose our student-athletes to opportunities that will assist them to become productive citizens. We welcome all positive support to help take our program to new heights.


  • School Enrollment

    • Must be fully enrolled at Githens Middle School.



    • Must be in attendance 85% of both the previous and current semesters (not more than 13 1/2 days absent).
    • Must be in attendance for a "full" school day to participate in sports practices and/or games (Arriving after 11:30am or leaving before 11:30a and not returning counts as an absence).



    • Must maintain at least a "D" average in all classes
    • Must not have more than one failing mark, "F", in any classes.
    • Must maintain athletic eligibility for the full semester.

    *** Detailed NCDPI Athletic Eligibility Requirements ***


    Student Conduct

    • Must not be guilty of misconduct during sporting matches.
    • A student/athlete receiving Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season.
    • A student/athlete receiving In-School Suspension (ISS) cannot practice or play that day.  After three ISS infractions, the student/athlete will be dismissed from the team for the remainder of the season.
    • Students are expected to adhere to the rules stated in the handbook. Continuing infractions to this will be handled at the coaches and Athletic Director's discretion.

    ****Please contact team coach for all additional student conduct rules and guidelines****



    • Must have a current (within 12 months) medical physical on file.
    • Must have proper insurance coverage through school plan, family plan, or company plan.

    FALL SPORTS                                             WINTER SPORTS                                    SPRING SPORTS

    Cheerleading                                                   Cheerleading                                             Boys Tennis

    Boys Cross Country                                       Boys Basketball                                         Boys Lacrosse

    Football                                                             Wrestling                                                     Baseball

    Boys Soccer                                                      Girls Basketball                                         Girls Lacrosse

    Girls Cross Country                                                                                                               Girls Soccer

    Girls Tennis                                                                                                                              Softball

    Volleyball                                                                                                                          Girls Track & Field


                                                                                                                                                         Boys Track & Field

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