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  • Información para el personal de las Escuelas Públicas de Durham
    Information for Durham Public Schools' employees

    The Spanish-language Interpreter/Liaison request form is available by clicking here. (Please note: we are, currently, piloting this form at Club Boulevard ES, Easley ES, Eastway ES, Glenn ES, Hillandale ES, Holt ES, Pearsontown ES, Rogers-Herr MS, Sandy Ridge ES and W.G. Pearson ES.)

    If you need interpretation in a language other than Spanish, please send your request, including the student's name, preferred date(s) and time(s) of the meeting, whether the meeting will be in-person, virtual or telephonic and an estimated meeting length, to Multilingual[dot]ResourceCenter[at]dpsnc[dot]net.


    El enlace/intérprete asignado a cada escuela primaria y secundaria sigue a continuación.
    The Liaison/Interpreter assigned to each elementary or middle school is below.

    Escuelas primarias
    Elementary schools

    Bethesda ES     Ana Ramirez
    ** Martha Romo Urgiles is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Bethesda ES **
    Burton ES     Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    C. C. Spaulding ES     Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    Club Boulevard ES     Ana Ramirez
    Creekside ES     Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    E.K. Powe ES     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Easley ES     Ana Ramirez
    Eastway ES     Ana Ramirez
    ** Eduardo Perez and Ricardo Velazquez are approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Eastway ES **
    Eno Valley ES     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Fayetteville Street ES     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598
    ** Tonita Flowers is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Fayetteville Street ES **  
    Forest View ES     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771  
    George Watts ES     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    ** Carolina Musawwir is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Watts ES **
    Glenn ES     temporary Luz Romero Estala, extension 87102
    Hillandale ES     Ana Ramirez
    Holt ES     temporary Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183 and Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    Hope Valley ES     Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    Lakewood ES     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    Little River ES     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Lyons Farm ES     email the Multilingual Resource Center
    Mangum ES     Paulette Morales
    Merrick-Moore ES     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598
    Morehead ES     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    Oak Grove ES     Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183
    Parkwood ES     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598
    Pearsontown ES     temporary Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    R. N. Harris ES     Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183
    ** Courtney Chavez is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at R. N. Harris ES **
    Sandy Ridge ES     Ana Ramirez
    Southwest ES     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    ** Victor Hiraldo is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Southwest ES **
    Spring Valley ES     Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183
    W.G. Pearson ES     temporary Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    Y.E. Smith ES     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598

    Escuelas secundarias
    Middle schools

    Brogden MS     Celia Mora, (919) 560-9494
    Carrington MS     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Githens MS     Madeline Felekos, (919) 697-9105
    ** Dionne Jimenez is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Githens MS **
    Lakewood Montessori MS     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Lowe's Grove MS     Anayeli Mogoyan, (984) 227-1771
    Lucas MS     Susana Diaz, (919) 864-1095
    Neal MS     Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183
    ** Beatriz Worley is approved to provide Spanish-language interpretation at Neal MS **
    Rogers-Herr MS     Celia Mora, (919) 560-9494
    Shepard MS     Pablo Uriz, (919) 560-2183

    Otras escuelas
    Other schools

    City of Medicine Academy     Celia Mora, (919) 560-9494
    Durham School of Technology     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598
    Early College HS     Celia Mora, (919) 560-9494
    Hospital School     email the Multilingual Resource Center
    Ignite Academy     Paulette Morales
    Lakeview     Paulette Morales
    Middle College HS     Vanessa Peña Ramirez, (919) 560-2598
    School for Creative Studies     Paulette Morales

    revised on July 24, 2023