Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Kindergarten Durham Public Schools welcomes you and your child to a wonderful school experience! Your child's education begins with their kindergarten year - a year that is filled with new and exciting experiences for children and their families.

    DPS offers choices for families interested in a variety of instructional approaches, ensures the safety of every child, and focuses on high student achievement.  

    We are excited to have you join the DPS family! Currently we are not able to register in person at our school sites, but we want to hear from you. If you are new to DPS and have not registered your child for kindergarten, please fill out the Enrollment Notification Form and we will send you a notification in July when our new online system is ready for you to register for kindergarten. We can't wait to meet you soon!

Registration Information


    Below is a list of acceptable documents that you may use as proof of domicile (current residence) in conjunction with the additional documents listed. Schools are assigned by address and can be identified by entering your current address using this online interactive map.
    Once the new DPS online enrollment system is open for registration, you will need to fill out the Kindergarten Enrollment online form and upload the following documents:
    • Your child’s certified birth certificate.
      • This document will prove that your child is old enough to be in kindergarten. Children must reach 5 on or before August 31st of their kindergarten year to be eligible to attend. The mother's copy given at the hospital will not be accepted. The birth certificate must be a certified copy of the original document.
    • Acceptable Documents for Proof of Domicile (POD) - Please select one source from the options below.
      • Proof of Legal Domicile -  The parent, legal guardian/custodian, must be currently domiciled within the geographic boundary of the Durham Public Schools district (“Domicile” is defined as a permanent, established home, as distinguished from a temporary place of residence. A person may have more than one residence, but only one legal domicile) 
        • Current lease, deed or mortgage statement in the name of the parent/ legal guardian; or
        • A month to month lease, and one (1) utility bill (gas, water, electric only) issued within 30 days of enrollment in the name of the parent/legal guardian; or
        • Current (domicile) property tax statement in the name of the parent/legal guardian; or
        • Three consecutive months of rental receipts(most recent one dated within 30 days of enrollment), and one (1) current utility bill (gas, water, electric) in the name of the parent/legal guardian; or
        • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Statement in the name of the parent/legal guardian; or
        • Homeland Security/ICE or Federal Resettlement document; or
        • Two (2) current utility bills (gas, water, electric) issued within 30 days of enrollment, in the name of the parent/legal guardian; or
        • Affidavit/Declaration of Residency completed at the Office of Student Assignment or the ESL Resource Center. The homeowner/leaseholder must present one of the above document options for proof of domicile, and his/her picture ID, while the parent/legal guardian of the student presents his/her picture ID. Once both documents have been approved and notarized by the Office of Student Assignment or ESL Resource Center, the parent will be instructed to present the documents to the assigned school to verify they are domiciled in Durham.
    •  Immunization Records
      • Five DPT doses (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis). If the fourth dose (booster) is given on or after the fourth birthday, the fifth dose is not required.
      • Four oral polio vaccines (OPV), one of which must be a booster given on or after the fourth birthday. If the third dose is given on or after the fourth birthday, the fourth dose is not required.
      • Two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) doses with the first dose on or after the first birthday and a second dose given before entering school. 
      • At least one dose of Haemophilus influenza, b (HbOC or PRP-OMP), given on or after the first birthday and before five years of age. (The second dose is not required if the first dose was given after 15 months of age.) 
      • Three Hepatitis B doses (not required if born before July 1994)
      • Two Varicella dose on or after age 12 months and before age 19 months.
    • Health Assessment Form - This form is available at your school, on the DPS website under Resources-Forms, and can be found in many doctor’s offices. It MUST be completed within 30 days of enrollment.
    • When it is necessary for a student to reside with an individual other than his or his parents, the adult individual with whom the student is residing must complete a Non-Parental Enrollment Affidavit and provide the following documentation to the Office of Student Assignment.
      • If the parent has relinquished his/her custody of the student –  current court order or a legal document attesting legal guardianship/custodial proceedings
      • If the parent is deceased – obituary or death certificate
      • If the parent has abandoned, abused, or neglected the student – statement of foster placement from Child Protective Service, Social Services, Dept. of Mental Health, etc., on letterhead, listing the foster parent name, address, placement date, etc.
      • If the parent is hospitalized for physical, mental or emotional conditions – statement from a doctor or care facility on letterhead, regarding  nature, onset, duration and inability of a parent to care for the student
      • If the parent is deployed on active military duty for less than 30 days - current deployment documents
      • If the parent is incarcerated, a statement from the parent and proof of incarceration from the facility where the parent is being detained

    If additional assistance is needed, please contact the Office of Early Education Department at 919-560-3505 or the Office of Student Assignment at 919-560-2059