Advanced Academics

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    The Office of Advanced Academics supports the advanced learning needs of PreK - 12th-grade students in Durham Public Schools

    This support includes a focus on: 

    • Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) students and comprehensive programming in schools  
    • K-2 Academic Talent Development for all DPS students 
    • Nurturing the potential of all students 
    • Advanced Placement/AP programming including equitable access 
    • Equitable access to all courses for secondary students
    • Services such as Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) and Early Admission to Kindergarten
    • Critical actions to ensure Equity and Excellence for every student

    Programs focused on the advanced learning needs of our students are one of many ways DPS strives to ensure appropriate learning for advanced learners while supporting the growth of every student.  

    Visit DPS Advanced Academics for more information on identification, nomination process, services, AIG Specialists, and more.

    Jamel Anderson-Ruff                                                           
    Coordinator of Advanced Academics
    (919) 560-2000 x21029

    Laura Parrott                                                          
    Director of Advanced Academics
    (919) 560-2000 x21303