Driver Education at DPS

  • Driver Education at Durham Public Schools

    Driver Education Classes


    To take Driver Education with Durham Public Schools, a student must be 14 ½ years of age on the first day of class and in one of these categories:

    • Attend a Durham Public School high school
    • Attend a Charter school in Durham
    • Attend a private school located in Durham
    • Attend a registered “homeschool" located in Durham.
    • Students wishing to take Driver Education must be eligible to receive a “Certificate  of Eligibility”.   This means that the student must have passed 3 out of 4 classes for the previous semester.
    • Any student not enrolled in a DPS School must register under the Non DPS site.



    • DPS will be using an online payment system for the $45 fee for Driver Education. The fee will be paid by credit card or with debit card. Students who do not have a personal credit or debit card may obtain a generic card from a store. Students will get information about how to pay on the first day of class. NOTE: Some stores charge a service fee for the card, and students must add that to the amount put on the card.



    Students who are dismissed from a Driver Education class due to behavior or attendance problems or who fail the class will not be allowed to sign up for another Driver Education class with DPS for a period of six months. This also refers to students who register for a class and then do not show up for the class.


    To be eligible to take a Durham Public School Driver Education class, students who are homeschooled need to provide proof of registration for their homeschool.  To do this, the administrator of the homeschool will log into their account and print the “Non-Public Education Verification Record."  Students need to provide this form before the first day of class.


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