• Hello Parents,

    I am Carolyn Pugh, serving as Interim Principal for C. C. Spaulding.  Prior to my retirement, I worked as a principal in Durham Public Schools for 35.5 years.  I am passionate about educating our young people.  They all come with special gifts and talents.  It is my goal that each child reaches his/her fullest potential and it will take a village.   

    It is my expectation that each student and anyone coming into the building follows our SOAR rules.  In case you need a refresher, they are as follows:

    Show Self-Control

    Offer Peer Support

    Actively Listen and Learn

    Respect Everyone

    At this point of the school year, I need every child to remain focused during instructional and intervention times to ensure he/she is mastering skills needed for the next grade level.  We need to get them where they need to be or as close as possible.  Parents, I am asking that you read with your child nightly Monday-Thursday of each week.  This will help to build their vocabulary and asking questions about what they read will improve comprehension.

    Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest, gets to school on time each day, and is ready to start a productive day.  We must recognize that we are all in this together and it's time to push it to the limit.  It will take a village and I ask that we work together for our children and that we maintain high expectations and a high level of integrity.  Its time to spread our wings and soar.  Remember an EAGLE is no ordinary barnyard fowl.