Reasons to Choose Durham!


    Durham is a growing, inviting, invigorating place, always up for a challenge and primed for success.  The same is true of Durham Public Schools.  We're tireless in our efforts to provide all students with an outstanding education -- one that motivates them to discover their interests, hone their talents, follow their dreams and reach their full potential.


    You could be here.  Along with three universities, including a world-class research university, a prominent HBCU and a top-notch medical center.  A business community with historic roots and a business climate that's incubating hi-tech startups.  A vibrant visual and performing arts scene and a cool new restaurant almost every week.  All nestled between mountain adventures and oceanfront fun.


    From the banks of the Eno River to the sidewalks of a bustling downtown, Durham is a great motivator.  We bring that spirit into every classroom, encouraging our students - and teachers - to think big and feed off of each other's energy.  Hands-on activities, experiential learning, group projects, departmental support - we're all in this together.


    Spend time here, and you'll see that Durham is the real thing.  Civil War history and Civil Rights activism.  Tobacco legacy and medical breakthroughs.  Traditional barbecue joints and shiny new foodie havens.  Historic preservation and innovative development.  We don't try to hide it.  We mix it, mingle with it, talk about it and keep moving forward.  And Durham Public Schools is right there in the middle of it all.