• Welcome to Durham!

    American Tobacco Skyline Consistently ranked by regional and national media as one of the top places to live and do business in the United States, Durham is not only a place where great things happen, but also an open and welcoming place to call home. Durham residents are accepting, culturally diverse, community-spirited, and passionate. Most telling, opinion polls confirm that nearly 80% of Durhamites are proud of their hometown.  photo credit: Chris Barron/Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau


    Reasons to Choose Durham

    Durham is a colorful, creative, and entrepreneurial community where diverse and passionate people come together to shape a better world. Known for its activist, outspoken citizenry, Durham values its ability to be open and welcoming, inclusive, and accepting of different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and ideas. But what really makes it the place “Where Great Things Happen?”

    Well, to start with, Durham isn’t like anyplace else. It has no ethnic majority, and people from all walks of life find it a friendly and accepting place to relocate and make their homes.

    As jazz musician and Durham resident Branford Marsalis said in a recent interview, “Durham is everything I ever wanted in a city. It's fair… You can find everything: people who are wealthy, people who are not wealthy, blue collar workers, white collar workers, farmers. They are all hanging out together. You go in the grocery store and you see people talking. It's not like the farmers are in one corner and the lawyers are in another corner. You don't have those stringent class lines.”

    Durham has received hundreds of accolades in the past decade alone highlighting various attributes. Durham ranks very high as a great place to live, work, and play, so much so that there is a searchable database of all the community’s accolades at www.durhamaccolades.com.