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  • For MCHS Students Wishing to Substitute High School Courses with College Courses...

    Students who desire to substitute a DTCC course for a high school course must meet with the MCHS College Liason. After meeting with the MCHS College Liaison or your DTCC Advisor, and after fully registering for your college courses, the student must verify enrollment in Self-Service. Only official enrollment in a course will initiate the process of dropping the high school equivalent course from your high school schedule.

    Dual Credit Substitution Chart Updated 2019

    See the School Counselor or the College Liaison (contact info. is below),  if you have any questions.


    MCHS School Counselor Services

    Sarah Machak
    Newton Bldg. 4-132
    tel. 919-536-7203, x1207

    William Evans, College Liaison
    Newton Bldg. 4-106
    tel. 919-536-7203, x1202

  • School Counseling Updates & Announcements
  • Sending Official Transcripts to Colleges? Here is how...

    • CFNC: Send transcripts to any school in North Carolina electronically for free. 
    • Common Application & Coalition: If applying through the Common App or Coalition, request a transcript by entering Mrs. Machak’s email and information in the Counselor Recommender section for each school.
    • DPS Scribs Portal: Any school that can’t be requested on CFNC, Common App, or Coalition, should be requested through the DPS Scribs portal. On the MCHS website → Student Services Tab → Transcript Request