Prospective Students

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    ·         November 15th at 9am 
    ·         November 28th at 6pm
    ·         December 12th at 6pm
    ·         December 18th at 9am
    ·         January 11th at 9am
    ·         January 17th at 6pm 





  • Minimum requirements for admission to MCHS

    • Upon enrollment at MCHS, the candidate must be at least a junior, in terms of high school credits (MCHS consists of 11th and 12th graders only).
    • Minimum of  2.5 GPA (unweighted) at time of application.
    • Candidate must be on schedule to graduate on time.
    • Candidate must have completed the following courses prior to enrolling at MCHS: World History; English 1; English 2; Alg. 1 and Geometry; OR Common Core Maths 1 and 2; and Health & PE


    Required reference forms for all applicants

    • In addition to the online application, all applicants must also submit 2 references and a transcript. The initial transcript submitted with the application can be unofficial. If you are offered admission to MCHS, then you will be required to submit an official transcript at the end of the school year.
    • Please click here for the required reference forms.


    Special documentation required from homeschool applicants only


    Questions about MCHS?  Please contact one of the following: