Athletic Department Philosophy

  • We believe that all athletic personnel should strive to teach the basic principle of an attitude toward leadership, competitiveness, fair play, self-discipline and the responsibility for adult living.

    We further believe that a pursuit of these personal and group goals are vital to the perpetuation of a healthy democratic society.

    Durham School of the Arts adheres to the rules and regulations of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) supplemented by state and the Durham Public Schools policies that create an environment that promotes sportsmanship and strong educational priorities.

Trying-Out for a Sport

  • High School (Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Women's Soccer, and Boy's Tennis) and Middle School Spring Sports Tryouts (Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, Women's Soccer and Boy's Tennis) will take place on February 12 for High School and February 17 for Middle School.  

    HS Softball Contact: Walt Bestwick ( *Tryouts will start on Saturday Feb. 15 at 11am 

    HS Baseball: Jacson Lowe ( 

    HS Soccer: Amy Green ( 

    HS Track: Persephanie McRae ( 

    HS Tennis: TBA

    MS Soccer: Marc Davis ( 

    MS Track: Cheryl Bowden ( 

    MS Softball Kent Lewis: (  

    MS Baseball John Melvin: (

Athletics Forms