About Pearsontown

  • Magnet School

    Principal: Asia Cunningham

    Assistant Principal: Rhonda Sinquefield

    Assistant Principal: Ronnie Geter

    Address: 4915 Barbee Road Durham NC 27713
    Phone: 919-560-3964
    Hours of Operation: 9:15 am - 3:45 pm
    Enrollment: 872

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    Pearsontown's Vision

    Pearsontown will create a continuous learning community which enables all students to develop a positive vision for themselves, empowering them to become self-directed critical thinkers, life-long learners, collaborative workers, and responsible citizens in a global society.


    Pearsontown's Mission Statement

    Pearsontown will provide a safe environment where learning is of primary importance and children can reach their greatest potential.  We believe this can be accomplished through a home and school partnership.  Through this partnership, all children will acquire the educational and social qualities needed to be functioning members of society.


    Pearsontown's Philosophy

    The Pearsontown Elementary School community is committed to creating a continuous year-round learning environment that is holistic and hands-on in its approach. We inspire students to pledge their hearts to greater understanding of the world; their hands to quality work and service; and their heads to lifelong learning. Pearsontownstudents are therefore empowered to become critical thinkers, self-directed lifelong learners, quality producers, collaborative workers, community contributors, and responsible citizens.

    Because we believe that all children learn in different ways and at different rates, we strive to offer a variety of student-centered delivery options to meet the needs of all our students. Teachers strive to create a productive, developmentally appropriate learning environment by providing diverse learning opportunities which promote student learning and ensure student success; address individual needs; encourage cooperative learning and freedom to express ideas and opinions; encourage creative expression; and involve interaction within the school and community. It is important for us to provide an integrated approach that shows students that learning does not take place in isolation, gives them a better understanding of how each subject relates to the real world, and helps them see the connections between what they are learning.


    Pearsontown is a Year-Round Magnet School

    Features of the magnet school include:
    􀀀 Operates on a year-round calendar with three-week breaks between each 9 week
    instructional period, and a five week break during summer
    􀀀 Student camps may be available during the fall, winter and spring intersessions depending on the school
    Admission to Pearsontown is 100% lottery. The application process is during the month of January. Seat assignments are given the beginning of March. We continue to fill our seats until June 30th. Our preferences include sibling preference and a link to Rogers-Herr Middle School, which is also on the year-round schedule.