About Holt

  • Principal: Dr. Donya Jones
    Address: 4019 Holt School Rd, Durham, NC 27704
    Phone: 919-560-3928 Fax: 919-560-3759
    Hours of Operation: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
    Enrollment: 682



    Our Mission and Vision

    Holt Language Academy cultivates a love for learning through global exploration and integration.

    Our Values

    Holt Language Academy is committed to integrating excellent and innovative instruction in language and global studies with a curriculum that incorporates linguistics, literature, culture, arts, and core studies.


    About our Magnet Program

    Holt Elementary Language Academy is a year-round school that provides children with an opportunity to succeed academically and socially through our magnet program that focuses on Global Studies and foreign languages. Starting in kindergarten, our students will have the opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese or Spanish to become conversationally fluent by the end of 5th grade. All students at Holt will be engaged in instruction that is enhanced by the exploration of world cultures.

    Areas of the world studied by each grade level:

    • Kindergarten- North America
    • First Grade- South America
    • Second Grade- Asia
    • Third Grade- Africa
    • Fourth Grade- Oceania
    • Fifth Grade- Europe

    If you have any questions about our magnet program, please contact Assistant Principals Duane Roberts or Anita Jarrett at 919-560-3928.

    Holt’s professional and caring faculty and staff work closely as a team to facilitate students becoming independent, self-motivated learners prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future in a global market.  Competent, professional, and caring teachers, staff, and administrators work closely as a team to provide instruction and learning opportunities for all students. AIG classes, remediation and afterschool tutoring are used to support the learning of some students. Cooperative teaching, flexible scheduling, and subject area grouping are a few of the methods used for optimal student learning.