• AITs

    Durham, North Carolina, is a thriving, diverse, and progressive community. It is rooted in its rich cultural history, determined to honor its past and embrace its future as a leader in research, innovation, and economic growth. Its historic Parrish Street became known as Black Wall Street, a center of entrepreneurialism and commerce. It is the City of Medicine. It is a gateway to unlimited opportunities.

    Durham Public Schools (DPS) serves as the catalyst for preparing tomorrow’s leaders and innovators for success in a global economy. It is our responsibility to ensure Durham’s future by acknowledging where we are and committing to fulfill every student’s potential. This can only be achieved when everyone in the Durham community works collectively and intentionally to embody our highest aspirations for our children.

    Our five-year strategic plan represents a blueprint for planning, managing, and leading our journey to excellence. The goals in the plan are shaped by our core beliefs, exemplify our priorities, and commit to positive outcomes for each and every student. Each goal encompasses strategies that drive the daily efforts of our district.

    We invite you to become a part of this journey. Our promise is to provide An Excellent School for Every Student.

    Learn more about our plan on Strategic Plan Wednesdays - a recap of our accomplishment on the third Wednesday of each month. Tune in to our social media platforms as we highlight our priorities. #DPSStrategicPlan