Technology Aiding Student Success

  • All students at Glenn are assigned a device at the beginning of the year. Currently, DPS uses Chromebooks, which are very similar to laptop computers. 

    At Glenn, we utilize several programs that are differentiated or personalized to what your child’s skill level is in reading, writing, and science. Teachers may also use other online platforms as well that are designed to help your child grow including Google classroom, Kami, Prodigy, and more. Almost all of the programs we use at Glenn can be accessed through devices that connect to the internet (e.g., iPads, tablets, phones, laptops, desktops). 

    If you do not have a laptop or desktop computer at home, Glenn partners with Kramden Tech Scholars to provide computers to ANY DPS student who does not have a computer at home. They can also help with finding free and low cost internet. Please e-mail Kate Hanlon and we can help complete the application for your student to receive a home computer.

    Below are links to the programs and applications most used by students at Glenn. Please reach out if you have any questions!

  • Clever Log-In


    Clever is our main dashboard for students to access our programs! Please see the icons below to learn more about the sites our students have access to. 

    To log into Clever, students can click the box that says, “Log in with Office 365.” Students use their DPS email and password to login. Their username is For some students with longer last names, their last name may be shortened in the email. Students use this same email to login to their school device. The password is the same as their Chromebook password. If you need your child’s email and password, please ask your child’s teacher or email Kate Hanlon.

    Once students are logged into Clever, they can use any of the following programs to build their reading, math, science, and language skills:


  • Below are some free educational resources to build students’ language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and life skills:


    K-5 Literacy

    Educational Games K-5

    Education Games 

    & Videos

    Kids News & 

    Current Events

    Digital Literacy in Many Languages

    Math Development


    Wildlife Explorers

    Educational Content