• The History of Glenn


    Like many DPS and North Carolina schools, Glenn School has a long and rich history in the Durham community.

    Glenn's Beginnings: 1900 - 1930

    The original Glenn school was built around 1900 in the Gorman, East Durham neighborhood. At the same time, Glenn School Road was built to help families and students travel to the new school building. Today, Glenn School Road continues to run from the Glenn area, across 85, and into North Durham where it connects with Glenn Road. Many other streets, buildings, and neighborhoods in this area, as well as the Glennstone Nature Preserve, connect to the history of this area. The picture above was taken about ten years after the building was completed in the 1910s.

    Glenn School: 1930 - 1990

    The original wood-frame building was demolished and replaced in 1930 with a one story “Colonial Revival style” brick building. This building stood for over 60 years! An addition was built on the south side that still stands today. It currently houses four 1st grade classrooms. The picture above was taken in the 1950s. 

    Glenn in Transition: 1990 - 1993

    In the early 1990s, the second Glenn School was torn down and rebuilt. The picture above was taken in July of 1993. One can see the trees that have been removed and the ground that has been cleared for the new school to be built.

    Glenn Elementary: 1993 - Present

    Dedicated in 1993, the current Glenn Elementary School is 80,330 square feet and the campus sits on 34 acres.

    Glenn Present

    For the past 31 years, over 3,000 students have learned and grown in this building as part of the Glenn community - and thousands more since the original school opened over 120 years ago! 

    Glenn's Future

    Glenn Future

    This year we are embarking on Glenn’s next great adventure with our $30+ million renovation project that includes new classrooms, outdoor learning spaces, a new gym and cafeteria, and so much more! Please check out our construction updates here!