• Toss It Right DPS’s recycling campaign, “Toss it Right” encourages students to “do the right thing” by tossing their recycling correctly. Teachers are also encouraged when possible to keep their classroom recycling bin to the right of the trash can.

    Join The Mission Sign Up Every teacher and student has the chance to Join The Mission. Teachers who want to encourage students to recycle in their classrooms can hang a Join The Mission sign in an obvious location near the recycling bin with their signature proudly displayed. Students who are seen recycling by their teachers can add their signature to the poster.

    Toss It Right Zone Teachers can also hang an Entering Zone sign on their classroom door to remind students that recycling happens in their classroom.

    Beginning in the 2016-2017 year, every elementary school has access to lunchroom recycling materials. Materials include liquid buckets for dumping excess milk, blue recycling bins, and instructional posters. Schools are encouraged to provide an easy-to-access station for students to dump their milk, recycle, and then toss their trash.
    Recycling Station  Recyclng Station Line

    Recycling resources for teachers:


     Q: Can my recycling bin have a liner?

    A: Yes. Although plastic bags are NOT accepted by themselves, recyclables contained within a liner WILL be accepted. The plastic bag is torn open at the recycling plant.


    Q: Does it have to be a clear liner?

    A: DPS requires clear liners for recycling. At home, you can use any color.


    Q: If one piece of trash gets into my bin, will the entire collection get thrown out?

    A: While you should try to avoid contamination, Durham County collectors will separate out non-recyclable items. Food and liquids should be avoided to reduce rodent and bug infestation at the recycling plant.


    Q: Can pizza boxes be recycled?

    A: YES! Durham County now accepts pizza boxes. Just throw out the pizza first!