• The link to schedule a session at school is prestigeportraits.com.  Seniors can either enter their 8-digit appointment code or find their school by putting in their city and state.  Our focus this summer is to accommodate the seniors interested in the Evolution Session which includes casual poses to minimize class interruptions in the fall on makeup days.  If a senior only wants the yearbook poses in the summer, they can sign up for an Evolution Session and request a Yearbook Only Session when they get to the camera on picture day.

    In addition to the events at your school, seniors can also schedule to have their images done at one of our senior portrait studios by going to prestigeportraits.com/studio.  

    We appreciate anything you can do to help get the message to seniors and their parents so that we can make this senior picture day a success! 


    Our school's Class of 2023 Prestige Photography sessions are coming up on 09/30/2022!

    Is your Senior confirmed for their upcoming session?If not, head to schedule.prestigeportraits.com to confirm or reschedule.

    Class of 2023 Prestige Photography Sessions


    Thank you!