AIG & Advanced Academics

  • Core Belief

    Jordan High School wants to establish a culture of equity and access to a rigorous, diverse, high quality instructional program and robust extra-curricular engagement. To accomplish this goal, our school offers a variety of academic programs and opportunities to support our belief that all students should graduate on time and with options. Students have access to a variety of honors and AP courses, AVID, Dual Enrollment, and Credit by Demonstrated Mastery. Additionally, students have the chance to apply for North Carolina Governor's School, participate in a variety of clubs and organizations, and earn membership in one of our many honor societies.

    Academic Programs

    • Advanced Placement Program - over twenty different courses available to challenge students while preparing them for advanced pursuits after high school
      • classes carry an additional full weight when factoring grade point average
      • qualifying scores on College Board exams may receive college credit.
      • includes AP Capstone Program, a two-year research program
    • AVID - a selective, nationally acclaimed program that seeks to challenge, prepare, and support students on their path to attending a four-year college
      • students can apply at the end of their 9th grade year
      • teachers are specially trained
      • access to free tutoring is available
    •  Credit By Demonstrated Mastery - Students have the chance to receive credit for some courses without completing classroom instruction
      • process includes two phase assessment, including a portfolio and test
      • testing windows are available throughout the year
      • available in grades 9 through 12
    • Dual Enrollment - Allows eligible students to enroll in college classes at NC community colleges and universities 
      • available only to juniors and seniors 
      • tuition fees are waived at Durham Tech
      • classes carry an additional weight when factoring grade point average
    • Honors Courses - Included in every department, these courses offer an increase in rigor and enrichment
      • unique course offerings include American Sign Language, Creative Writing, Poverty in America, and Women's Studies
      • available in all four years of high school
      • classes carry additional weight of .5 when factoring grade point average


    District Resources

    For more information about Advanced Academics and AIG at the district level (including identification, services, and resources) please visit the Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics/AIG Website.


    Contact Information

    AIG Specialist: Brian McDonald, Social Studies Department


    Phone: 919-560-3912 ext. 12721