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About Ignite! Online Academy

  • Ignite! Online Academy will personalize learning for students by meeting with them each week to develop a workplan and build learning on their interests. Each student will create their own learner profile and reflect on their progress through student-led conferences. These structures will ensure that all students can grow their agency and learn in ways that are effective, relevant and engaging.  See more about our model:

    Future-Ready Learner Profile: All students will be taught an aligned set of executive functioning skills and develop digital competencies aligned to the ISTE Standards for Students.

    Technology and Choice: All students will be provided a laptop, hotspot, and LMS that will enable increased choice in when, where, and how students learn. Personalization through our weekly grids!

    Powerful Virtual Community: Students will be broken down into small "houses" to build relationships and engage with both peer and adult mentors through these communities. Opportunities for in-person socialization will be included.

    Design Thinking Focus: Students will apply design thinking concepts in all courses and complete "keystone" projects that will be cross-curricular and based in real-world problems beyond the screen. 

Ignite! Program Options

  • Grades 1-8 Blended & Online Learning

    For grades 1-8, Ignite will offer a fully online “flexible” track  and a “blended” learning track. All students will work virtually throughout the week in synchronous (live) and asynchronous class sessions and have opportunities for in-person support.

    Ignite! High School

    Ignite High Schoolers will be fully virtual with a drop-in learning lab to attend tutorials & complete coursework. Ignite students can participate in athletics through their zoned school. Near limitless choices through partnerships with NC Virtual, NCSSM, and Ed Options.

    Ignite! K-1 Flex Kindergarten  

    The Ignite Kindergarten program will focus on early literacy and exploratory learning. We will feature outdoor learning days where students will attend Kindergarten in an outdoor setting. We will utilize cutting edge technology as well as 1 on 1 teaching in Kindergarten. 

Curriculum and Technology

  • Students enrolled in Ignite! will have access to all adopted and purchased curriculum materials available to Durham Public Schools students in addition to some tools designed for online learning. Ignite! will follow district curriculum maps but take a self-paced and personalized approach using adaptive softwares like i-Ready and NewsELA. We will also offer significant opportunities to accelerate your student with advanced courses and access to content that matches student interests. Ignite! will be on the cutting edge of education technology.

    In addition to high value curriculum materials, students enrolled in Ignite Online Academy will also have access to a DPS-issued computer and, if needed, a hotspot to ensure consistent access to the internet. We will also provide physical curriculum materials and reading materials as a tool to limit screen time.

Benefits to Homeschooling with Ignite!

  • Continue home based learning with additional resources and support. Families currently homeschooling can continue learning from home and maintain a flexible schedule, but will have access to:  

    • Thousands of dollars worth of software resources and curriculum materials available free of charge,  
    • An Ignite! certified teacher with expertise in remote learning and,  
    • A community of home-based learners to support your journey