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    Posted by George Watts on 9/9/2021

    It is our belief that strong consistent nurturing leads to equitable and positive outcomes for students.  Felisha has been delivering nurturing lessons to all PreK-second grade students for the past 4 years.  The nurturing program uses the PETS-Primary Education Thinking Skills as well as other curricula to help develop critical thinking skills. David primarily uses Jr. Great Books and Mentoring Mathematical Minds, just to name a few.   We use these curricula to extend and enrich the curriculum of the NC standard course of study. This year at Watts we are excited to announce that Cathy Carinder will be piloting the DPS Math 5+ curriculum with students identified and nurtured in fifth grade math.  More information will be shared with fifth grade parents. 


    If you have questions about identification or present advanced academics services at Watts please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    • David Cook serves third and fourth graders in reading and math. He also serves fifth grade students in reading. Students served may be nurtured or identified based on assessments or AIG committee approved portfolio work.

    David_Cook@dpsnc.net 919-560-3947 

    Prefers to be contacted via email.


    • Felisha deBlaquiere serves PreK through 2nd grade.  All students are nurtured.

    Felisha_deBlaquiere@dpsnc.net 919-560-3947

    Prefers to be contacted via email.

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