• Advanced Academics Teachers

    We, the Advanced Academics Team, work to provide support, challenges, and advocacy for the students at Pearsontown. We believe that all students deserve opportunities to develop their full potential. You can find more information about the Pearsontown Advanced Academics/AIG plan for the 2022-2023 year here.


    For more information about Advanced Academics/AIG including identification, services, and resources please visit the Durham Public Schools Advanced Academics/AIG Website.


    Contact information for AIG Specialist(s)

    ·       Calita_Virgil@dpsnc.net

              (919) 560-3964

    ·       Angela_HowellTurner@dpsnc.net

              (919) 560-3964

    ·       Jennifer_Seelig@dpsnc.net

              (919) 560-3964


    Ca’lita Virgil, grades K-2

    Angela Howell Turner, grades 3-5

    Jennifer Seelig, grades 3-5here