• Mission

    The mission of the MCHS School Counseling Program is to provide a pro-active, comprehensive, and supportive counseling program that addresses the academic, personal-social, and college-career needs of all students. With the support of families, the community, and both Durham Public Schools and Durham Tech stakeholders, MCHS students will receive access to the resources needed to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in a diverse and ever changing world. By providing students with consistent and flexible support and encouragement, all students at the MCHS will graduate with college credit and experience engaging in advanced academic curriculum.



    The vision of the MCHS School Counseling Program is for all students to graduate with diverse and equitable collegiate experience. Through a supportive, strategic, and involved school counseling program, all students will develop the critical-thinking skills needed to find and achieve their purpose for the future. Students will identify their place and adapt to the global and national demands of society while maintaining a strong sense of self and purpose for their life. Students will engage in their future communities through scholarship and leadership to make lasting and intentional impact.