We Are Kings
  • WE ARE KINGS (Boys of Color Program)

    Boys of color face challenges growing up. As they move through school and life, many face multiple educational and economic disadvantages, leaving African American and Latino males less likely than their white and Asian peers to have high school diplomas and more likely to be suspended from school and enter the school to prison pipeline. Even boys of color who don’t face as many disadvantages frequently find themselves negatively affected by social and cultural perspectives, institutions, and systems within the larger society. Understanding the larger context is essential to developing effective systems for removing barriers and supporting boys of color.


    WE ARE KINGS (Boys of Color Program) is a Durham Public Schools district initiative, which empowers boys of color to become agents and advocates for more equitable practices in their schools. The program provides assistance with healthy identity development, cultural affirmation and social justice. 

    The WE ARE KINGS Boys of Color Program seeks to: 

    • Decrease suspension rates and increase attendance.
    • Increase literacy and graduation rates.
    • Decrease the opportunity/achievement gap
    • Empower student voice with leadership development and opportunities. 


    • Monthly Meetings
      • Monthly Kings will be taught core character traits to provide long-term solutions that address moral, ethical and academic issues. They also will discuss social justice issues and have a guest speaker from the community
    • King Celebrations
      • Kings are recognized for their accomplishments and success throughout the school year and are encouraged to remain focused and motivated.
    • Parent/Guardian Engagement
      • Parents/Guardians are invited to school to engage in meaningful activities with their Kings. Parents/Guardians will receive resources that will equip them to assist their King with their education.


    ABC 11 | DPS We Are Kings' program making difference for boys of color

    We Are Kings is a new program in Durham Public Schools aiming to motivate boys of color to be leaders.