Student Transfers

  • Students may apply for a transfer any time during the current school year. Student transfer for the upcoming school year may be submitted between March 1st and May 1st.  Late applicants must submit an extenuating circumstance for submitting an application after May 1st

    Student Transfer from Special Assignment


    Students assigned to schools other than their base schools through transfer or the application and lottery process must submit an application to request a transfer from Special Assignment to his/her base assigned school. Applications will be processed as a late transfer application and will be considered only under extenuating circumstances.

    1. Board Policy #4132, Student Transfers, is referred to as each applicant’s request is considered.
    2. A notification letter is sent to the parent requesting the student transfer outlining the approval or denial of the request. A copy of the notification letter is also sent to the principal of the base or current school, and the requested school.
    3. If the student transfer was approved, the parent has two weeks from the date of the letter to accept the transfer.  If the student transfer was denied, the parent may appeal in writing to the Asst. Superintendent of Student Services.
    4. The Asst. Superintendent of Specialized Services reviews the file and renders a decision to uphold or overturn administration’s decision.
    5. A certified decision/notification letter is sent to the parent of the student requesting the transfer.
    6. The parent may appeal in writing to the Board for a review of the decision.  The Board liaison arranges a 10-minute meeting between the parent(s) and a three member Board panel. The parent(s) is provided the opportunity to discuss his or her reasons for the appeal and the Board panel may ask questions for further consideration and understanding.
    7. The Board panel votes to uphold or overturn administration’s decision. Then the item is placed on the Board agenda for a full review and vote by the full Board. A majority vote will uphold or overturn administration’s decision.
    8. A decision/notification letter is sent by the Board Liaison to the parent(s) outlining the final/full Board’s decision.  

Out of District Student Transfers

  • Out of District (County) Applications are available beginning March 1 of each year for the upcoming school year. Parents/Guardians/Custodians must submit the application with an approved release from their student’s home school district. The applications are reviewed based on the following; Student has met the requirements of policy 4115.1 (A-D), the student is in good standing with grades, attendance and behavior and there is enrollment available at the grade level and building capacity. The application is then approved or denied and the submitter receives written notification reflecting the director’s decision.

    If the application is approved, a tuition payment for the 2018-2019 school year of $3,375.00 is due immediately, payable to Durham Public Schools.  (You may pay half the total, $1,687.50, by August 10, 2018.)  The balance is due by January 4, 2019.  Tuition is not charged for children of employees of DPS. There are no payment plans other than per semester, as stated above.

    Out of county transfers are considered and approved on an annual basis.  Transfer students must provide their own transportation to and from school, should pose no discipline problems, and must maintain good attendance and passing grades.  Failure to abide by these conditions may result in the revocation of an approved transfer.

     Related Policy: 4115 - School Admission