• We have prepared a week of activities from June 1-5 to culminate our students’ experience at RHMS.

    Monday, June 1st - 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
    Congratulations to our 8th grade students! Please enjoy the promotion ceremonies by clicking on the picture or link below. We would like to thank Ms. Cates, Ms. Foley, and Ms. Pohlig for signing the ceremonies, and the Multilingual Resource Center for providing the Spanish interpretations.

    Dreamseekers Promotion Ceremony     Explorers Promotion Ceremony

    Dreamseekers ceremony (en español)

    Explorers ceremony (en español)

    Dreamseekers ceremony (with ASL signing)

    Explorers ceremony (with ASL signing)

    Tuesday, June 2nd - Talent Tuesday
    Congratulations to our talented 8th grade class of 2020! Check out what they have to show off in the Talent Tuesday video linked here.

    Wednesday, June 3rd - Middle School Memories
    Rogers-Herr has been a place for our students to learn and grow. They've made friends, had great teachers, and have had an awesome middle school experience! Take a look at some of the memories some students shared that show their Ram Pride by clicking on the Middle School Memories video linked here.

    Thursday, June 4th - 8th Grade Parade at RHMS 10am-12pm
    8th Grade families are encouraged to decorate cars (posters, balloons, streamers, name placards, etc.) and drive through Rogers-Herr’s campus to bid farewell to middle school. Students may wave goodbye to RH staff and classmates. Vehicles will enter the front of the school’s parking lot following the carpool route, then turn right driving past the track, towards the softball and baseball fields, ending up on the backside of the bus lot, finishing by driving out the bus lot entrance. Students and families will hear their student’s name announced. We are asking each vehicle to have a name placard with the students’ first and last name displayed on the right side of the window (on the passenger window). Name placards must be visible, legible and in large print to be easily read from the outside of the vehicle. Students will pick up awards, certificates, yearbooks and pictures towards the end of the parade route followed by exiting the parade.

    Students and families will remain in their vehicles during the entire event. RHMS staff members will be present along the parade route.  

    Friday, June 5th - 8th Grade Virtual Party 6-8pm
    In lieu of our annual 8th Grade semi-formal dance, we will have a virtual party with a DJ via Zoom. Wear your tuxedo t-shirt, feather boa, sunglasses, and tiara to your living room red carpet to celebrate with the 2020 8th grade class of RHMS.

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