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    Posted by Tyler Steketee on 7/18/2019

    Hello Mangum Family!!!

    In an effort to keep the community better informed about the curriculum at Mangum and how students, staff and parents are impacted I will maintain a weekly blog that provides curriculum updates, answers questions, and gives everyone the "pulse" of instruction at Mangum. This is meant to be interactive, and I hope parents ask questions about the acadmic aspect of Mangum. The format will be simple and straight forward, you can participate by leaving comments at the bottom of the page.

    Check out the first edition below!!!

    Thanks for participating,



    • K-2 have adopted Eureka Math for the upcomping 2019-2020 school year. Teachers have attended Eureka Launch Training over the summer and will be implementing this new curriculum beginning in August. 
    • 3-5 Will use PEG writing program to help facilitate and develop students as writers. 4th and 5th grade have used this popular program previously and 3rd grade will adopt the program this year. 
    • ALL 3-5 students will be assigned a Chromebook for school use for the 2019-2020 school year!
    • K-3 teachers will transition from mClass to iStation this year. North Carolina Department of Instruction has decided to transition from mClass to iStation. K-3 students will still be assessed 3 times per school year, BOY, MOY, EOY. In addition, they will also be progress monitored as needed determined by the three assessment periods. Look for more informationn in the near future!
    • 3rd Grade BOG window is September 10th-September 16th. Mangum's tentative testing date for ALL 3rd grade students ONLY is Thursday, September 12th.

    Please email Tyler Steketee @ with questions.

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