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  • Music


    The band program is a year long course that does not require previous musical experience. Students must begin band at the beginning of their 6th grade year. Students may choose to play one of the following instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, or trombone. Auditions for the percussion section will be held at the end of the sixth grade year for interested students.

    Students will learn to read, write, and play music on their chosen instrument. The band program offers multiple extra-curricular opportunities including the jazz band, drum line, All-County Band, and individual solo opportunities. The 7th and 8th grade combined band travels each spring to various locations to perform for ratings in front of accomplished judges.

    All students who are interested in learning new and exciting ways to express themselves through music are encouraged to sign up for band!


    6th Gr Chorus

    This is a semester-long course. We will address the fundamentals of reading music, singing on pitch, and harmony. Students will demonstrate application of these skills with a public choral concert.

    7-8th Gr Select Chorus

    This is a year long chorus class comprised of auditioned students. We will focus on improving our reading and singing skills by exploring diverse choral literature.


    6th Gr Orchestra

    This class focuses on the fundamentals of music theory, reading music and the fundamental techniques of playing a stringed instrument.

    7th Gr Orchestra

    This class builds on skills taught in the 6th grade class as students are presented with music that is more challenging. Students will have more opportunities to perform in public.

    8th Gr Orchestra

    This class is focused on advanced string techniques. These students will have opportunities to audition for the "Select String Ensemble" as well as community ensembles.

  • Technology

    Exploring Business, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship
    (8th Gr)

    Students will learn general business skills. Students will develop basic skills in touch typing and proper business etiquette in the workplace. General computer literacy and business terminology will be covered. Students will learn accounting, financial literacy, marketing, and entrepreneurship skills. Students will gain hands-on work experience by operating and managing the student store. Students will participate in the Stock Market Game and compete against other 8th graders in the state. The atmosphere for the class is a business setting.

    Computer Skills & Applications
    (6th & 7th Gr)

    Students will have the opportunity to learn general business skills. Students will develop basic skills in touch typing and proper business etiquette in the workplace. General computer literacy and business terminology will be covered. Students will create documents using MS Office Applications: Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, and Excel. Students will participate in a mock interview at the end of the semester. The atmosphere for the class is a business setting.

    Technology, Engineering, & Design (TED)

    This course is offered as a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade elective. 6th grade students will be introduced to the core concepts of technology. 7th grade students will explore robotics applications and create their own robotic systems. The 8th grade course offers students an opportunity to explore 3D modeling using computer aided design (CAD) followed by architectural drafting.


    6th Gr: Exploring Environmental Science and Natural Resources

    This class introduces students to environmental science, natural resources and the agriculture industry. Topics covered include environmental science, forestry, natural resources, alternative energies, agriculture, agriculture technology and careers in these areas of study. If you love science, this class is for you!

    7th Gr: Fundamentals of Biotechnology

    Biotechnology is an area of science that uses the cells and DNA of living organisms to make useful, everyday products. Topics covered in this class include an introduction to biotechnology, biotechnology history, lab safety, disease and infection control, cellular design, DNA, heredity, forensics, agricultural biotechnology and environmental biotechnology.

    8th Gr: Exploring Animal and Plant Science/Exploring Food and Agricultural Products

    This class introduces students the animal, plant and food science industries. Topics covered include livestock production systems, animal behavior, plant anatomy, gardening, food safety, food processing, how food gets from the farm to your fork and nutrition.

    Media Assistant

    Educational Media is a semester-long elective offered to 7th and 8th graders that is designed to acquaint students with the media center from the other side of the circulation desk. Students who participate as media assistants will help provide a wide range of services to students and teachers as they learn what it takes to manage and maintain a media center.

    Some of the tasks students will be responsible for include: circulating books and other materials to patrons, reading and organizing shelves, processing new materials and fixing those in need of repair, preparing displays and bulletin boards, assist in training other students on technology tools, creating pathfinders and annotated bibliographies for teachers, and completing other individual projects such as author brochures and book talks.

    Students are selected for this class based on interest and teacher recommendation.

  • And More!

    Visual Arts

    Students will have the opportunity to learn about art history and techniques in an exciting, hands-on class. We have interdisciplinary focus that incorporates and reinforces the learning that takes place in our core classes. Students will also develop art skills and techniques in the art mediums of drawing, painting, three-dimensional sculpture, weaving, printmaking graphic design, and arts and crafts. If you have an interest in expressing your creativity, this is the class for you!


    This course is an introduction to the study of the Spanish language and its cultures. It allows students to perform the most basic functions of the language and to become familiar with some elements of its cultures. The emphasis is placed on the development of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing within a given context extending outside the classroom setting whenever possible.

    AIG Electives

    Students who qualify for Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) services may take a semester-long class in advanced math or language arts topics. The goals of the AIG Electives are:

    • Advanced critical and creative thinking, research, and content related skills.
    • A focus on creative production as an outgrowth of a student's intense interest in a topic or a passion to solve real-world problems.
    • Content that is not offered in standard curricula.

    Healthful Living

    All students are required to take this semester-long course, which is a combination of both health and physical education. This course is designed to equip students with knowledge and strategies so that they will understand how and why it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle.