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    Here are a few tips for ensuring proper bus assignment for your child:

    • Bus routes are determined by the DPS Transportation Dept, which can be contaced with questions or concerns at 919-560-BUSS.
    • Sign up for the Edulog app to track the location and schedule of your child's bus.
    • When registering your child for school, please make sure that you check ‘Y’ (Yes) for morning and/or afternoon transportation in the school bus transportation box on the student data sheet. If your child was pre-registered, please call the school to confirm that the appropriate transportation requests are indicated on the student data sheet.
    • Please notify the school if your child needs an alternate bus stop location such as daycare, for either morning or afternoon.
    • It is equally important to notify us if your child does NOT need transportation.
    • To ensure that your child has an assigned stop on the first day of school, please notify your school of a change in address or alternate location three weeks prior to the first day of school.

    For more information about transportation services, please visit the DPS website at https://www.dpsnc.net/transportation.

Last Modified on July 9, 2023