• DPS Weather


    In the event of rain or severe weather, here is the plan.  Please check back with to the DPS website for any updates. 

    • If there is a passing, small shower during the ceremony, we will continue as normal.
    • If we see that severe weather (thunder and lightning) is approaching before your ceremony starts and we can see it will pass, we will delay the start of your ceremony.  
    • If there is a storm approaching and it looks like we can get a shortened version of your ceremony completed before the rain, please have a plan to eliminate portions of your ceremony.  For example, I would suggest focusing on the seniors - leave any senior speeches in, but eliminate adult speeches.  Eliminate any musical performances.  Parents and students said the MOST important thing to them was hearing their students name called and walking across the stage - we want to make sure we provide that opportunity. 
    • If there is a storm approaching and  it looks like it will last longer than an hour, we will postpone your ceremony to Saturday, June 5.
    • Decisions will be made on a ceremony-by-ceremony basis.