• About the SIT

    The acronym SIT stands for School Improvement Team. The RHMS School Improvement Team brings together representatives from all RHMS stakeholder groups: teachers from all teams and grade levels, parents, administrators, and community members. The team's main responsibility is developing and implementing the School Improvement Plan (SIP), which keeps the school focused throughout the year on overall improvement and success for every child. The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a unique plan, refined annually, that defines a school’s targeted work to raise achievement for all our students. Our SIP is guided by twelve key indicators which include a set of key strategies aimed at measurable, research-based goals, monitored throughout the year, in the following five areas:

    • Instructional Excellence and Alignment
    • Leadership Capacity
    • Professional Capacity
    • Planning and Operational Effectiveness
    • Families and Community

    If you are interested in learning more please view/download our SIP at this link, after which you must input the following as both the username and password:

    • Username & Password: GuestS16157
  • SIT Members

    Members of the SIT are elected at the beginning of each school year and serve 2-year terms. If you are interested in serving on the School Improvement Team, please contact the SIT chairperson!

    Role Member Email
    Chair Catherine McMillion catherine.mcmillion@dpsnc.net
    Process Manager Ernetta Cagle ernetta.cagle@dpsnc.net
    RHMS Principal Kecia Rogers kecia.rogers@dpsnc.net
    Assistant Principal
    Tawauna Stewart tawauna.stewart@dpsnc.net
    Assistant Principal
    Anthony White anthony.white@dpsnc.net
    Principal Intern Tyler Albright tyler.albright@dpsnc.net
    Voyagers Teacher Catherine McMillion catherine.mcmillion@dpsnc.net
    Navigators Teacher Karen Briggs karen.briggs@dpsnc.net
    Pathfinders Teacher Mirella Cisneros mirella.cisnerosperez@dpsnc.net
    Pioneers Teacher Caren Balde caren.balde@dpsnc.net
    Dreamseekers Teacher Keaundra Robinson keaundra.robinson@dpsnc.net
    Explorers Teacher Jasmine Adams jasmine.adams@dpsnc.net
    EC Teacher Elizabeth Propp elizabeth.propp@dpsnc.net
    Counselor Chancie Chaney chancie.chaney@dpsnc.net
    Electives Teacher Christine Blystad christine.blystad@dpsnc.net
    Classified Staff Rep Chimere Johnson shiquita.johnson@dpsnc.net
    Support Faculty Jennifer Hall jennifer.hall@dpsnc.net
    Support Faculty Jennifer Umbarger jennifer.umbarger@dpsnc.net
    6th Grade Parent Rep Nancy Dias diasn17@ecu.edu
    6th Grade Parent Rep Javonia Lewis jovonia.lewis3@gmail.com
    7th Grade Parent Rep Jenny Ramos pasopaso05@yahoo.com
    8th Grade Parent Rep Leslie Roseboro leslie.roseboro@leadingagenc.org
Last Modified on October 18, 2019