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  • Congratulations to our girls and boys track teams!
    Boys 110 meter hurtles- Jalen Rose took 1st place with the time of 17.04 seconds
    Boys 4x1 meter relay- Kamari Holloway, Nathan Atkins, Jacori Douglas, Jalen Rose took 3rd place 
    Boys 4x2 meter relay- Jordan Webb, Zuriel Akpan, Matthew Bullard,John Battle took 4th place 
    Boys 4x4 meter relay- Nathan Atkins, Jonas Wilson, Matthew Bullock, Kenneth Bailey took 3rd place 
    Girls won 3rd place overall at the championship earning them a trophy!
    Girls 55 meter hurtles- Manya Jennings took 1st place with a time of 10.62s
    Girls 100 meter dash- JaZarah Cox took 3rd place with a time of 15.05s
    Reischea Smith took 4th place with a time of 14.11s
    Girls 200 meter dash- Kemonie Royster took 3rd place with the time of 28.85s 
    JaZarah Cox took 4th place with a time of 28.88s 
    Girls 4x1 meter relay- tied 1st please with Rogers Herr middle school with a time of 57.3s. That was ran by Kemonie Royster, JaZarah Cox, Reischea Smith, and Manya Jennings 
    Girls 4x2 meter relay- took 2nd place ran by Gabbi Ferrell, Manya Jennings, Laylah Golden and Nyounnah Sanford 
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