• Become A Special Needs Teacher

    Helping youth with special needs is contingent on the highly trained academic professionals supporting them. The need for qualified instructors in this field has continued to increase. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of special education teachers is $59,000 a year, which is roughly $20,000 more than the median salary for all other occupations in the country.
    Although special education teachers are widely respected for their contribution to society, the significant time and financial constraints needed to attain a degree can make pursuing these careers difficult.

    To help solve this problem, we at TeachingDegree.org have created free guides to earning online bachelor’smaster’s, and doctoral degrees in special education. Our thoroughly researched resources provide an in-depth overview of the programs, scholarships, and certifications our future educators need to succeed.
    Take a look at our guides below.
    Online Guide to a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education - https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/bachelors-special-education/

    Online Guide to a Master’s Degree in Special Education - https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/masters-special-education/

    Online Guide to a Doctorate Degree in Special Education - https://www.teachingdegree.org/online-degrees/doctorate-special-education/
    We’ve created these guides, but we need your help getting this information to those who need it. Please help us reach out to teachers and students by posting a link to these guides on the Rogers-Herr Middle School website. Your effort in making this information available will create a big impact on the health of our schools and communities.
Become A Special Ed Teacher