• 6th Grade Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do 6th graders report when they enter the building each morning?

    6th-grade students arriving before 7:20 am report directly to the gym. If students are eating breakfast, they will report directly to the cafeteria and must remain there until their grade level is dismissed. Students arriving after 7:20 am will report directly to their first class.

    If I have a concern regarding my child who should I contact?

    If you have a concern about your child, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Can I come to eat lunch with my child in the cafeteria?

    Safety is our #1 priority and we welcome parents to eat lunch with their child. However, parents and visitors may not eat lunch in the cafeteria with the grade level. Instead, parents should report to the main office and your child will be called to have lunch with you in the main office.

    If I have a concern, can I meet with a teacher or an administrator if I show up without an appointment?

    Teachers and administrators are committed to maintaining student’s safety and high-quality instruction. As a result, impromptu meetings are not accommodated. However, if there is a concern, please contact the grade level administrator or leave a message at the front desk and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

    Clubs offered 

    Please visit the RHMS website for a list of our clubs and afterschool activities.

    How will the first couple of days go for my child? Follow schedule; abbreviated schedule?

    Students will follow their printed schedule during the first couple of days of schools. Teachers will also take this time to teach and model classroom and school-wide expectations.

    How does lunch work? Where do students sit and how are they able to interact?

    6th-grade teachers have assigned tables in the cafeteria where students sit with their core 4 teachers. Students have the opportunity to earn a coupon on the team to sit with their friends at lunch.

    Is there some type of sex education discussed in health class?

    Yes, Human Growth & Development is discussed during PE/Health. Permission slips are sent home and parents may opt out of this discussion.

    I was a room parent/heavily involved at my child’s elementary school, how can I be involved in middle school?

    Please join our very active PTA and or become a grade level parent on the School Improvement Team.

    How does carpool work? Do the same rules apply during the 3:30 after clubs?

    In the morning, students are dropped off in the carpool lane (drop and go). PLEASE PULL ALL THE WAY DOWN. In the afternoon, students can be picked up in the carpool lane. There are adults located in a carpool to keep the flow moving. When it rains during dismissal, students are kept inside the building and will come outside when you arrive.

    Dismissal is it staggered?

    Yes, dismissal is staggered.

    • Around 2:15 pm - The afternoon announcer will say “All 6th-grade students and7th grade bus riders only may be dismissed”
    • Around 2:17 pm – The afternoon announcer will say “Pathfinder Car riders & afterschool students may be dismissed"
    • Around 2:19 pm – The afternoon announcer will say “Pioneer Car riders & afterschool students may be dismissed at this time”
    • Around 2:21 pm – The afternoon announcer will say “8th Grade Students may be dismissed”


    As a parent, what things should I NOT do to avoid embarrassing my kid?

    Each child is different. As a result, we suggest talking with your child to ask them what embarrasses them. However, most middle school students prefer walking into the building by themselves, even on the first day of school  (No worries, there will be adults in the hall to help them get to their right location)

    How do you handle bullying?

    Rogers-Herr has a zero tolerance for bullying. We take situations of bullying very seriously. Any act of bullying that is reported to teachers, administration or our counselors are investigated to determine if the situation is indeed bullying. Consequences are given when bullying occurs.

    How does afterschool program work and transportation home from it?

    The DPS Community Ed department runs an afterschool program called ENCORE. Parents may apply online. Please note, there 7are limited spaces available and there is always a waiting list, so be sure to register early. Bus services are provided to students who attend the program. Questions and concerns about the afterschool program should be directed to the ENCORE program, 919-560-9488.

    What do I do if my child is absent?

    When your child is going to be absent, email the teachers and include the Data Manager, Lisa Richmond. If you have documentation to submit, please have your child turn that information into the main office on their first day back in the building.

    How do students qualify for advanced math classes?

    The school uses EOG data and teacher recommendations to determine class placement. Contact Christine Blystad, AIG Math Specialist, or Jennifer Miske, AIG ELA Specialist, for additional information.

    How does one get money into lunch account?

    Parents may add money to their child’s lunch account directly at the school or by visiting the RHMS website.

    How are bus routes determined? What is this app I hear about?

    DPS Transportation determines bus routes for the district. If there is a concern regarding your child’s bus route, stop, arrival and drop-off time, contact transportation directly by calling 919-560-BUSS. The app that provided real-time information regarding your child’s bus can be downloaded at herecomesthebus.com.

    Can kids ride home with other kids on the bus?

    Yes, students may ride home on the bus with other students if the bus is not overcrowded. Parents will need to send in a note giving their child permission to ride with another student. The note should include their student’s first and last name, the first and last name of the student they are riding home with, the bus number and desired stop, as well as the parent’s first and last name, signature, contact information, and date. Please note that someone from the school will call and verify the authenticity of the note. If the school cannot make contact with the parent, the request will be denied and the student will be sent home on their normal mode of transportation.

    Do students have a snack? What can and cannot be brought for a snack?

    Each team determines snack time, processes and procedures.

    I have tried to problem-solve with my child’s teacher regarding my concerns, but there is no resolution. Who should I contact?

    6th-grade Assistant Principal

    Can I visit my child’s classroom?

    Visits to the classroom should be arranged with the classroom teacher or grade level administrator in advance and should not pose a disruption to the learning environment. Due to safety measures, parents and visitors are not allowed to roam freely throughout the building. A staff escort is required.

    Might I walk my child into their classroom on the first day of school?

    Due to safety measures, parents and visitors are not allowed to walk their child to the classroom. Staff members are stationed in the hallway to assist students to get to class. If the student needs help taking heavy or fragile items to the classroom, please bring those items to the main office and a staff member will ensure those items are delivered to the appropriate location.

    Might I select my child’s team?

    Administration works diligently to ensure that each team is balanced racially, academically, behaviorally, as well as by gender. As a result, the team request is not accepted.

    How are teams developed?

    The administrative team and guidance counselors work extensively to ensure that teams are balanced by race, gender, EC, ESL, and AIG. We use students previous EOG scores, as well as input from previous teachers, to ensure they are placed in the correct classes.

    Will students be able to interact with students who are not on their team?

    Students will have an opportunity to interact with students on the other team during lunch and electives.

    Is PE required or an option?

    One semester of PE is required each year as mandated by the state.

    What are the odds of 6th graders being selected for athletic programs?

    6th-grade students are allowed to try out for cheerleading, basketball, cross country, soccer, baseball, softball and track & field. Please note, DPS does not allow 6th-grade students to play football.

    How can I purchase school magnets and paraphernalia?

    We are currently working on revamping our school spirit wear. Be on the lookout for school updates from our PTA.

    Should my child have a cell phone? When can they access their phone?

    Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school. They are not allowed to be out for any reason during the school day. Students are to store cell phones in their lockers in the morning before reporting to class and can retrieve their cellphones at the end of the school day. If a student is caught with a cell phone during the school day, the phone will be confiscated and turned in to the main office. Parents will be notified and must pick up the phone from the school. Students may face further consequences from administration including in-school or out of school suspension if habitual cell phone use occurs. Cellphone use is permitted on school-related field trips. However, the misuse of cellphones on field trips will result in consequences such as cell phones being banned for the remainder of the year and/or field trip privileges being revoked.

    What is the protocol when students are late?

    The instructional day begins at 7:30 am. Students arriving after 7:30 am are considered late. Students who arrive late should report to the main office.

    What should I send to school on the first day?

    Whatever supplies are requested by the team, money to purchase a school lock and money to purchase lunch if needed.

    Does my child have to bring their backpack home every day or can they just bring their drawstring bag when they have homework?

    That is totally up to you as the parent.

    How much homework will they have?

    It will vary by team and by the teacher.

    What is the "tween" attire?

    Rogers-Herr follows a strict dress code. Read about our dress code police here.

    How many teachers does my child have?

    Students will have one teacher per core subject area (math, ELA, science, social studies), as well as one teacher per elective class.

    What is the best time to actually be there for the drop-off in the morning?

    Our doors open at 7:00 am. We encourage students to arrive no later than 7:15 am every morning. This gives them plenty of time to get acclimated before instruction begins promptly at 7:30 am.

    AIG- how does it work? Is it different from Elementary School?

    Students who are identified as AIG will receive services in their ELA and Math classes and/or by taking an AIG elective.

    Are students told who to communicate to when there are issues?

    Yes, each quarter administration has RAM Chats with students reminding them of school-wide procedures and expectations, as well as who to go to if there is a problem. Students should always inform their teacher or the adult in their presence when an issue of concern arises.

    What is the schedule for lockers (what if they forget their combo)?

    Students will go to their lockers at 7:20 am to get their materials for discovery and cores 1-4. Students will go their lockers at 12:15 pm to pack up their materials for electives. If students forget their combination they may ask their homeroom teacher. The administration also has a key to every lock.