Before- & After-school Programs


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    Thank you for choosing Durham Public Schools Before- and After-school Programs!

    You have selected a program that has over 35 years of experience providing quality expanded learning opportunities to elementary students.

    Learning is supported in DPS Before- and After-school programs.  This year, your child will experience a balance of homework time, enrichment, and recreational activities that are considered elements of a high quality program. Our elementary programs are licensed and regularly evaluated by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and 95% of our programs have 5 star ratings! 

    Things to know about the before- and after-school programs:

    • Before-school programs open at 6:30 a.m. and operate until the first bell rings.
    • After-school programs operate on school days from the time school is dismissed until 6 p.m.
    • After-school programs also operate on early dismissal days at no extra cost to parents!
    • Monthly payments cover 20 days (no charge for days when school is out).
    • Fulltime enrollment only, no part time available.
    • Financial assistance available through DPS by calling 919-560-9488.
    • Program eligible for Department of Social Services childcare vouchers by calling 919-560-8300.  

    Registration for these programs is required.


    On-Line Registration,  Download forms here or you can pick up a registration packet at 2107 Hillandale Rd.

    • Nonrefundable registration fee of $35 per child.
    • Registrations open all year, but accepted based on available space. 

    Please see the brochure for pricing.

Middle School ENCORE!


    Program Purpose:

    ENCORE! is a low cost afterschool prgram for DPS middle school students currently supoorted by Durahm County government and Durham Public Schools. It started as a community collaborative in 1994 where County, City, and DPS officials, along with many local Community agencies, worked together to organize afterschool programs that addressed needs of 10-14 yr. olds after the school day ends. Statistics showed that juvenile crime and risky behaviors are experieemented for the first time by this age group from 3:00-6:00PM when students are unsupervised afterschool. With the caring support of afterschool staff including teachers, students build trust and meaningful relationships with adults that provide positive guidance while they participate in enrichment, physical activity, clubs, and educational endeavors that help prepare students for the future.

    Mission, Vision and Goals:

                                                              Mission Statement

    To provide positive educational, social and recreational alternatives for middle school students during after school hours that reinforce and compliment the school day as added learning time.

                                                              Vision Statement

    Knowing that middle school students typically spend after-school hours unsupervised and uninvolved in their communities at a key time in their lives charactereized by high energy, a striving for self-definition, and a need to prove thier personal competence in a variety of areas. We believe that teh afterschool program should provide all middle school students the opportunity to enhance their academic progress, skills and interests. We further believe that teh participation in this program will result in increased school sttendance, developemnt of positive peer relationships and reduction of at-risk behavior.

Before- & After School Contact Information

  • In-Person:

    DPS- Staff Development Center

    2107 Hillandale Rd, Classroom Bldg. Rm 101 (I-85 Exit 175-B)


    Mail to:

    Community Education Accounting Office

    PO Box 1967
    Durham, NC 27702-1967  

    Fax To:
    Community Education Accounting Office
    (919) 560-2177