About Club Boulevard

  • Principal: Greg Mitchell
    Address400 West Club Boulevard Durham NC 27704
    Phone: 919-560-3918
    Hours of Operation: 7:45 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
    Enrollment: 387

    The Humanities theme at Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School supports a curriculum of authentic art within the scope of respect for individualism and society.

    Our Mission:  We appreciate many voices, celebrate the arts, connect learning to our world, and immerse ourselves in the humanities.

    Our Vision:  An intentionally diverse and inclusive community where we grow as human beings.

School History

  • Club Boulevard Elementary School was built in response to the baby boom following World War II. Overcrowding at George Watts and North Durham Schools, coupled with rapid development in the Northgate area, made the 5.6 acre site at Glendale Avenue and Club Boulevard a desirable location for a new school.

    Club first opened its doors in November 1950, with Principal Baxter Ridenhour, nine teachers and 321 students. The original building cost $300,000 and was the first one-story school in the county. It consisted of the primary wing, which included the media center (now the art room), the auditorium and the cafeteria. The rear section of the school was added on in 1954, at a cost of $125,000.

    In 1970, Club Boulevard was paired with East End School. Children in grades 1-3 attended East End and those in grades 4-6 attended Club. Twelve years later, the school grades were reorganized, and since then Club Boulevard has served students from kindergarten through the fifth grade. School enrollment peaked in 1966 with a total population of 607 students and 20 teachers.

    In 1976, Mr. Ridenhour retired and Fenner Boyd became principal. When Mr. Boyd retired in November 1987, Darryl Powell served as acting principal until he was named principal in June 1988. Mr. Powell remained principal until June 1994. During his tenure, Mr. Powell saw the school through the merger of the Durham City and County Schools in 1992-93.

    In June 1994, Club Boulevard Elementary was designated as one of Durham Public School's nine new magnet schools and was renamed Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School. Carolyn Ridout was appointed principal and spent the next year working with faculty to develop the magnet program. A new addition consisting of two kindergarten classrooms, the media center and an office complex was opened in April 1995. The new magnet school opened in the fall of 1995 with 471 students.

    Mrs. Ridout served as principal until her retirement in the spring of 2003. Lorraine M. Tuck became the principal in July 2003 and served until November 2004. Retired Durham Public Schools administrator Ed Forsythe served as interim principal until the end of the school year in May 2005, when Micah Copeland was named principal.  Dr. Alice Maniloff served as interim principal from July 2011 through August 2011, when Teresa James was named principal and served until July 2014. Christian Hairston served as principal from August 2014-June 2014. Terry Phillips joined the Club faculty as principal in July 2015. Greg Mitchell served as interim principal & principal from September 2022-June 2024.

    For several years, Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School has been recognized by the National Magnet Schools of America for various awards. In 2004 and 2006, Club was named a National Magnet Program of Excellence by Magnet Schools of America. In 2018, Club earned the Magnet Schools of Distinction Award. In 2019, Club earned the Magnet Schools of Excellence Award and in 2020 Club earned the Magnet Schools of Distinction Award.

    Today Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School continues to challenge children in a stimulating educational environment. Club Boulevard is a successful magnet program—a school community representative of the diversity of Durham—with an enrollment of about 400 students. We are proud of the partnership between our experienced, creative teachers and enthusiastic, involved families. The faculty includes five full-time humanities teachers (Art, Music, Dance, Cultural Studies, and Physical Education) and a full time Library Media Specialist who bring arts, humanities and literature to life. Stop by and visit Club Boulevard to see our innovative school in action!