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    1-Write the name of the course under the course section

    2-Indicate the level of the course using the guide below

    *Standard- "S" or "s"

    *Honors- "H" or "h"

    *MYP- "MYP" or "myp"

    *Advanced Placement- "AP" or "ap"

    *International Baccalaureate- "IB" or "ib"

    3-Type the the number of credits the course is worth

    4-For Upperclassmen Only! Look at your latest transcript for review. Put the number of Total Potential Credits in box D15, the number of Total Points Weighted in box F15 and the number of Total Points Unweighted in box E15. It will then have your current Weighted and Unweighted GPA in the Freshman year section. Now go to your respective class (year) and complete that section following steps 1-3.



    Course Level Grade Credits Points W. Points
    English 1 H 85 1 2.6250 3.6250
    Spanish IV AP 78 1 1.7500 3.7500
    Health/PE S 96 1 4.0000 4.0000