• Career Development Coordinator

    Students have many opportunities offered by community, professional and national initiatives to educate them about possible careers. Students are made aware of these opportunities through announcements, personal contact, and teacher information. Please contact Ms. Redden for registration information and details.

    Ms. Rontika Redden

    Career Development Coordinator Ext. 25284



    Working with high school students is challenging and interesting...no two days are alike.  Seeing them progress from the frustrated freshman to the secure senior rewards the efforts of high school staff. 


    Investigating and fact finding for their post-secondary experience takes time and energy and a big dose of enthusiasm for all involved - students, parents, teachers, and community.  Working with your student as they make important life decisions is very rewarding.  My background includes partnership in family owned corporation, Real Estate Sales Agent, community volunteer, mom and grandmom! 

    My door is open to your student and to you: darian.harris@hillsidehornets.net


    Youth Work Permit

    Instructions for students to obtain a Youth Work Permit from the N.C. Department of Labor:
    Students under the age of 18 are required to have a Youth Employment Certificate (work permit). The certificate can be obtained by logging on to www.nclabor.com and click on Youth Employment Certificate. Certificates can be issued when the student has obtained employment. The name, address and telephone number of the employer are required to complete the certificate. The application can be completed from your home computer or the student can stop by my office and I will assist them.