• DPS students may take a single CTE course or many, but the magic happens when students complete a CTE pathway. 

    Completing a two- or three-course concentration in a CTE pathway kickstarts your college and career journey by demonstrating to employers and college admissions officers that you have the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in your chosen career field. 

    Dozens of pathways of study in high-demand industry clusters help students develop the academic, technical and professional skills they need to succeed, whether they seek a college degree, an industry credential or go straight to work from high school.

    Through CTE, students can also earn industry credentials that qualify them for jobs after graduation.

    For a detailed description of CTE courses, review the Career & Technical Education section of the DPS High School Course Guide.

    Your school’s career development coordinator, special populations coordinator, or guidance counselor can help you get on the pathway to your college and career success.