• LEAL: Leadership, Empowerment, and Academic Learning

Our Mission

  • To create a safe space for Latinx students in order to increase self efficacy and academic achievement in Durham Public Schools.

What is LEAL?

  • LEAL (pronounced LAY-AL) means loyal in Spanish and works to unite DPS staff, schools and community partners to provide Latina 6-12 students and families with knowledge, skills, and resources to support and increase Latine social emotional learning, academic achievement and encourage families to work together to support their Latine students through graduation and higher learning.   


    • Increase sense of belonging among Latinx students and families in their schools and communities.
    • Provide a safe space for Latinx voices to express their ideas, dreams and concerns. 
    • Increase academic achievement of Latinx students by working to improve self-efficacy, study habits, grades, attendance and engagement in school activities.
    • Support Latinx students through high school graduation to pursue higher education, access funding for higher education and explore future career goals.

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