• Durham Public Schools’ thriving and innovative Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers middle and high school students the chance to explore career opportunities and receive professional and technical training that prepares them for college and careers. 

    Rigorous academics, industry-specific training and work-based learning opportunities empower students to succeed as world-class workers and citizens.

    CTE prepares students for college and careers.

    Unlike vocational education of old, today’s CTE tightly aligns with industry needs and trends to offer career pathways ― from agriculture to culinary arts, biotechnology to engineering ― for students with every educational and career aspiration.

    Get education and career training on your way to college degrees and other post-secondary credentials or earn industry-recognized credentials and access careers right of high school.

    CTE develops the talent pipeline our companies require to compete and grow.

    Our industry advisory board, employer-informed academics and work experiences and exposure tightly align with industry needs and trends, helping build a highly skilled, sustainable workforce for our companies.

    CTE students gain the knowledge, technical abilities and professional skills employers desire, such as working independently and as part of a team, thinking creatively, solving problems and using cutting-edge technology.

    CTE promotes academic and career success.

    Research shows that learning that links rigorous academics with sequenced, high-quality career and technical education organized around industry themes helps students stay on track. Students work harder and dream bigger if their education is relevant to them.

    The statistics bear this out. More than 93 percent of DPS CTE students graduate from high school, and three out of four CTE “completers” – those with a CTE concentration – go on to further education or advanced training.

    Contact CTE to learn how you or your DPS student can benefit from CTE or how your organization can help CTE prepare all of our students for academic and career success.

  • EPA mentor session
    Above, student participates in industry "speed mentoring" at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency