We Are Queens

  • We Are Queens (Girls of Color Program) is a Durham Public Schools (DPSNC) district initiative, which will empower girls of color throughout the district to become allies, advocates, agents of change, and co-conspirators in improving the environment around them, including their schools. This program will support girls of color by providing the following:

    • Healthy identity development
    • Civic and social justice engagement
    • Leadership training and development
    • Cultural affirmation

    Program Outcomes:

    • Provide female students of color with a variety of enrichment opportunities based on their interests
    • Provide a safe place for female students of color of varying backgrounds to engage in activities that are developmentally and academically appropriate, culturally affirming, and relevant to their interests and goals.
    • Empower girls of color by providing opportunities for leadership skill development and personal growth.



    • Monthly Meetings:
      • Each month, Queens will have an opportunity to learn, discuss, and apply a core character trait that will help them to develop solutions to various issues that they may experience in and out of school. 
    • Queen Celebrations:
      • While participating in this program, Queens will be recognized and celebrated for their academic and personal accomplishments throughout the academic year. This recognition will reinforce positive behaviors and encourage them to persevere and remain focused.
    • Parent/Family Engagement:
      • Parents/Families will be invited to actively engage in the program by serving in various capacities, but most importantly, to support their Queen in the program. Parents/Families will have an opportunity to learn and receive beneficial resources that will prepare them to support their Queen(s) in and out of school. 

Queens' Stance/Credo

  • I will enrich the life of my fellow queen

    I will carry myself with dignity and excellence

    I will respect myself, others, and the space around me

    I will hold myself accountable for my actions

    I will be proactive as a change agent wherever I am

    I will strive for success in all that I do

    I will hold my head high and keep my crown straight

    Because I am a Queen!

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