Research Process

  • Researchers must secure district approval before they begin a research project in Durham Public Schools. We have an application process that must be completed, and all documents and associated fees must be submitted by the deadline of the respective research cycle. We have created a set of Guiding Principles, Research Standards, and Frequently Asked Questions to assist researchers in completing their application materials.

    Note that we do not review incomplete applications. An example of an incomplete application is one that proposes data collection but does not include the data collection instruments (e.g., surveys, focus group protocols, etc.). For more information regarding the application process, please review our detailed research process document. 

    If any changes occur within the application at any time during the study, a research modification form must be approved by the Office of Research and Accountability as well as the researcher's IRB. 

    For any other inquiries or questions regarding the research application process, please email Meredith Mooney at