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    We know your student’s academic success is important to you, and in times like these, you probably have questions about their current grades. Due to school closures, we are unable to provide hard copy report cards. However, there is an alternate way you can view your child’s grades and stay up to date on their information via our online student information system called PowerSchool. 

    PowerSchool is a Student Information System management platform used across the state of North Carolina and widely across the United States. This online system houses information about students' grades, schedules, contact information, and more. At Durham Public Schools, we use PowerSchool to integrate all of the information important to your child's education in one place in order to provide a seamless experience for students and families. 

    The information found on PowerSchool is accessible to both students and parents through the Student Portal and Parent Portal. For more information about creating a secure, online Parent Portal account, please visit the Parent Portal Resources tab. There you will find print and video resources to help you navigate the process of setting up your own Parent Portal account. To access the Parent Portal, click the Link to PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    *Please note, prior to setting up a Parent Portal account, you will need to contact your child's teacher directly to obtain a letter with an access code and password unique to your child (see instructions for additional information)* 

    Once you have created an account, we encourage you to visit the PowerSchool Parent/Student Mobile App Access tab for more information about downloading a free application to your phone or other mobile device so you can access PowerSchool anytime, anywhere. 

    For additional information about PowerSchool or creating a Parent Portal account, please contact your child's teacher.