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9/26 NC State Field Trip

  • On September 26, the iScholar Team at North Carolina State University welcomeed 7th Grade AIG students for their first field trip of the semester. This trip was an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the dynamic academic environment at NC State and to contribute their own invaluable insights and intellectual gifts.

    During their visit, students explored various academic spaces and participated in a youth-led panel entitled "Belonging Begins with Us." In this panel, students shared their perspectives on what belonging means to them. They provided specific examples and strategies on how educators have created welcoming and inclusive environments for middle schoolers, and they shared additional strategies that can be used to cultivate a sense of belonging at school. It was an opportunity for an enriching exchange of ideas, promoting a sense of community and mutual respect.

    To make this event even more interactive and engaging, their fellow classmates took on various roles, serving as greeters, evaluators, photographers, and videographers. This event was a gathering of diverse minds, including PhD students, professors, undergraduates, and high school students, all coming together to learn from one another.

    It was a day filled with learning, sharing, and interaction, and this experience will be an inspiring glimpse into the boundless possibilities that education and mutual understanding can offer.