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  • Allergies & Unique Mealtime Needs

    DPS School Nutrition Services is committed to providing delicoius, quality meals to ALL students. We have a lot to learn about how best to serve students (and staff) with specific allergies, intolerances, and other unique mealtime needs. In SY2023-24 we are launching work wirh families to better understand those needs, and how we can incorproate ALL students into our plans for the future of DPS school food. If you are interested in participating in a focus group or one-on-one call about your student and family's unique mealtime needs, please contact Dr. Linden Thayer (; 919-384-5917). 

    In order to support your student's unique mealtime needs, we need medical forms on file. You can download, complete, and return the appropriate forms (below) to your school nurse, school administrator, and/or directly to School Nutrition Services. If you have any questions, please contact Braedyn Mallard, Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Coordinator, DPS School Nutrition Services (; 984.278.2637).


    If your student cannot drink the regularly provided cow's milk, you can fill out a milk substitution form. Once School Nutrition Services receives the form, your student will be offered Organic Soy Milk instead of cow’s milk. Please note: students are not required to take milk with breakfast or lunch.

    Milk Substitution Form - ENGLISH

    Formulario de Sustitución de Leche - SPANISH



    DPS will adapt your student's meals if your student has a medical-based food restriction. Examples of medical-based food restrictions include allergies, specific disabilities, and medical conditions that require a special diet. You must complete the Medical Statement form and it must be signed by your student's doctor or medical provider. Changes approved in IEPs will also be made. Changes because of religion or personal reasons cannot be made. If you are interested in supporting the development of delicious, culturally relevant menu items, please contact Dr. Thayer to find out how you can get involved with future planning for DPS school food. 

    Please submit the medical form each year at the beginning of the school year, or as soon as you learn a diet change is needed. 

    Forms are available from your cafeteria manager, at the School Nutrition Services Central Office and here:



    How to complete the form: 

    • Parents/guardians fill out part A. 

    • A licensed medical provider must fill out Part B.

    • Turn in the form to the student's teacher, school nurse, or cafeteria manager.

    • The form will be reviewed by the SNS Nutrition Coordinator who will create the meal changes in collaboration with the student, family, school nurse, therapist, etc. as needed.

    • Once the student is satisfied with the plan, the meal changes will be communicated to the student's school cafeteria manager. 

    • The family will be contacted if further information is needed.